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Alfred, the ally of your wallet, adopts a credit-based pricing strategy.

Pay only for what you use and say goodbye to troublesome monthly charges!

Credits for Alfred can be easily acquired with just a few clicks within the application itself.

  • 3000 Credits

  • Free
  • Try Alfred for free, no registration or credit card are needed. Just install the Alfred app to your Google Sheets™ and enjoy.
  • +100 000 Credits

  • 9€
  • Unlock the full potential with our Starter Package, perfect for trying out enhanced features to fuel your productivity.
  • +200 000 Credits

  • 15€
  • Add credits as a real Pro for heavier app use, 200,000 credits to supercharge your tasks and efficiency.
  • +500 000 Credits

  • 29€
  • Experience the ultimate app usage with the best value for your money, whopping 500,000 credits to get the most work done.

Pricing FAQ

How can I purchase credit for the service?
To purchase credit, simply open the Alfred add-on within Google Sheets, and then navigate to the "Credit" tab. There, you can choose one of the offered options to complete your purchase.
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept payments through our payment provider, Stripe, which allows for a variety of payment options. This includes all major credit and debit cards, along with other digital payment methods that Stripe supports.
Contact us for any further questions at