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ALFRED, your AI sheet companion

Level up your Google Sheets™ and become a data wizard with Alfred.

Say goodbye to the grind and hello to smart work. But wait, there's more! Alfred for Sheets isn't just a Google Sheets™ add-on that supercharges your spreadsheets with ChatGPT's smarts. It's also your untiring web buddy, always ready to browse and summarize online resources for you. Handling and organizing your data just got a whole lot cooler and easier with Alfred

Formula assistant

Do not ever get stuck on creating formulas again, let Alfred do it for you! Describe in a plain english what should the formula do, and Alfred will create it for you. Furthermore, Alfred can also explain you selected formula from your Google Sheets™ in a plain English to get a deeper understanding of complex formulas.

Use ChatGPT within your Sheets™

=ALFRED() function allows you to directly prompt ChatGPT model in your Sheets™. Feed it with prompts and get results immediately and well organized in your sheet interface. Use =ALFREDM() to get your desired outcome as a list in separate cells.

Your tireless web research companion

Simply input a web pages URL address and unleash a world of possibilities. Extract summaries, factographic data or engage in intelligent conversations with your AI buddy by asking questions based on the web page content. Transform your spreadsheets into dynamic knowledge hubs with Alfred's efficiency and intelligence.

Data Insights made simple

Gain a deeper understanding of your data and tables with =ALFRED_ASSIST() feature. Seamlessly navigate and interpret complex information, empowering you to make informed decisions and uncover valuable insights with almost no work and knowledge requirement.

Alfred_ASSIST function showcase

Handle mundane tasks

=ALFRED_LEARN() is designed to assist you when you're unsure about the prompt to use. By analyzing example inputs and outputs, Alfred will try to recognize the pattern to generate predictions, allowing you to apply the identified patterns to a wider range of inputs.

Alfred_LEARN function showcase

Level up your Google Sheets™ experience today.