Navigating the intricacies of Google Sheets formulas can be a daunting task, with Excel-like functions often leading to hours of uncertainty and a seemingly endless loop of trial and error.

Frustrating formula creation

This scenario is all too familiar for those who’ve grappled with spreadsheets, but rest assured, you’re not alone in this struggle. Recognizing the common challenges faced by formula creators, we decided to write this quick guide.

We’re immersing ourselves in the world of formula composition while introducing you to the Alfred Sheets Add-on. The process of formula creation with Alfred is as straightforward as articulating your formula’s intent and indicating the relevant data columns in plain language.

Everyone finds a use

Catering to a diverse audience – whether you’re an entrepreneur sifting through financial data, a student navigating the intricacies of data analysis, or a professional aiming for seamless data manipulation – Alfred can become a helpful tool for anyone using formulas in Google Sheets.

Intuitive user interface within Google Sheets, coupled with the knowledge of ChatGPT, that’s what Alfred is. Imagine, for instance, you want to compute total sales for each quarter, utilizing data from the “Sales” and “Quarter” columns. Just communicate your requirements in plain language, and the Alfred takes over, generating customized, ready-to-use formulas in a matter of seconds.

Following example is maybe oversimplified, but it shows the power of Alfred and how it can help you to create formulas.

Let’s can ask Alfred to create a formula summing the total sales for each quarter. And Alfred will generate this:

=SUMIF(B2:B11, 4, A2:A11)

It looks alright. Now, you can copy the suggested formula to the sheet by one mouse click.

Sales Fourth Quarter

To sum it up, formula creation can get a bit confusing as we all know and therefore we use Alfred Google Sheets Add-on.