These days, terms like ChatGPT and AI are becoming buzzwords. It’s hard not to feel like they’re everywhere, but you might wonder, “Could AI really be helpful to me?”

Let’s break it down.

For software tech folks, tools like GitHub Copilot or ChatGPT are making life easier by offering advice or creating pieces of code. They’re like helpful robots living inside computers far away but talking to the tools we use daily.

What if I’m not into software development?

But what if you’re not a software expert? Maybe you run an online shop, work in marketing, or use spreadsheets for other reasons. Guess what? AI can help you with these tasks too! It’s like having a super-smart assistant right in your spreadsheet.

For example, there’s a tool called the Alfred, extension for Google Sheets. It combines AI’s brainpower with the simplicity of a spreadsheet.

Do you have to read and summarize many rows of long customer feedback? Let your AI assistant handle it with a command like this:

=ALFRED("Summarize the following text in two sentences: " & A1).

The summarized text will appear in the sheet. And repeating this for hundreds of lines is a matter of seconds.

Or you may need to send personalized emails to many customers, but don’t want to pay for expensive specialized software.

You could do it manually for a few, but what about hundreds or thousands? Alfred can tailor messages based on the information in the spreadsheet, saving you tons of time. It could reflect customer feedback, user actions, or any data available in the sheet.

Help me to create the Formula

You can even tell Alfred to help you to create the formula in Sheets native language. Imagine telling it:

Calculate the average value in cells A1:A20, but ignore values that are greater than 100 and less than 10.

Alfred will understand and prepare the formula like:

=AVERAGEIFS(A1:A20, A1:A20, ">10", A1:A20, "<100")

You could copy the formula to the sheet with one more click.

Plus, you don’t have to speak “computer” or even English, as Alfred understands other languages as well.

Why not give it a try? Tools like the Alfred extension for Google Sheets are often available for a free trial, and they might make your work a lot easier and more efficient.